Former Prosecutor Providing Skilled Criminal Defense

My name is Marc E. Hart. My law firm is devoted exclusively to criminal defense, bringing 30 years of criminal trial experience to your situation. Rather than just going for the quick and easy plea, my mindset is to vigorously fight the allegations, win the case at trial, or find the leverage necessary to minimize the penalties and collateral consequences in every client’s case.

Some criminal defense lawyers do not actually put up much of a defense. They automatically look for opportunities to plead the case out rather than doing the legwork to file motions or prepare the case for trial. Their clients pay the price because they have no leverage in plea negotiations.

Royal Oak attorney Marc E. Hart practices exclusively in criminal defense and takes pride in his record as a trial lawyer. That record includes extensive trial experience as a former prosecuting attorney in Wayne County, where he was one of the youngest lawyers chosen for the elite PROB unit to handle the most serious cases. Over the past 25-plus years in private practice, he has represented the accused with a continued record of success.

dBusiness has recognized Marc E Hart as one of Southeast Michigans Top Lawyers in criminal law

Experienced Representation For Any Criminal Charges

Over 30 years in criminal law in the Detroit area and southeast Michigan, Mr. Hart has handled the gamut from speeding tickets to first-degree murder. He can confidently represent you no matter what the charges or circumstances:

  • Crimes of violence — Assault, domestic abuse, homicide, robbery, home invasion, kidnapping, arson
  • Weapon offenses — Carrying a concealed weapon (CCW), felon in possession
  • Drug offenses — Possession, possession with intent, sale, medical marijuana, prescription fraud, drug trafficking
  • Sex offenses — Criminal sexual conduct (rape), sex offenses involving minors or children, child pornography
  • White collar offenses — Fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, computer crimes
  • Theft — Shoplifting, larceny, auto theft, credit card scams
  • Drunk driving/OWI — OWI/OWVI, implied consent, repeat offenses, zero tolerance (under 21)
  • Juvenile offenses — Alcohol, drugs, assault, all crimes including felonies tried as an adult
  • Serious traffic crimes — Reckless driving, hit-and-run, driving after suspension
  • Parole and probation violations

Marc Hart has also represented minorities and other citizens in cases where criminal charges and civil rights intersect. He holds law enforcement accountable for false arrest, excessive force, coerced confessions, illegal search and seizure, and other abuse of authority or violation of constitutional rights.

Bold, Aggressive And Trial-Tested

Your case may never get to trial, but you need a skilled courtroom lawyer on your side to keep the police and prosecutors honest and to put you in the best position for a favorable outcome.

If you need a criminal defense attorney in Oakland, Wayne or Macomb County, call 248-397-5899 or contact us online. Marc E. Hart offers a free consultation and clients have his cellphone number for 24/7 immediate access.