Shoplifting Could Cost You Too Much

My name is Marc E. Hart. My law firm is devoted exclusively to criminal defense, bringing 30 years of criminal trial experience to your situation. Rather than just going for the quick and easy plea, my mindset is to vigorously fight the allegations, win the case at trial, or find the leverage necessary to minimize the penalties and collateral consequences in every client’s case.

Shoplifting — technically called retail fraud — is basically stealing from a store. It usually involves taking unpaid merchandise offered for sale from a store without paying for it. It can also involve other forms of theft such as swapping or removing price tags.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that shoplifting is a minor offense. Depending on the circumstances, a shoplifting or retail fraud charge can be either a misdemeanor or a felony and can carry anywhere from a probationary sentence to a prison term. It can also cost you thousands of dollars in fines and will show up on a criminal record check if a prospective employer is considering hiring you.

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At The Law Offices of Marc E. Hart in Royal Oak, we will work tirelessly to shield you from the potentially devastating consequences of a criminal conviction. Marc Hart has spent over 30 years mastering the nuances of criminal law — first as a prosecuting attorney, and now as a criminal defense lawyer. His courtroom and trial experience includes handling all criminal offenses ranging from serious felonies to simple misdemeanors, including retail fraud and other theft-related offenses. He has successfully defended scores of clients to keep retail fraud convictions off their records and keep them working. Based in Royal Oak, Michigan, we represent adults, young adults and juveniles from all walks of life throughout Southeastern Michigan.

Don't leave your fate in the hands of the prosecutor.

At The Law Offices of Marc E. Hart, we will make sure your rights are protected and all favorable outcomes are explored, including options for alternatives to a conviction that keep your record clear, even if you in fact committed the offense.

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