Did Police Violate Search And Seizure Laws?

My name is Marc E. Hart. My law firm is devoted exclusively to criminal defense, bringing 30 years of criminal defense experience to your situation. Rather than just going for the quick and easy plea, my mindset is to vigorously fight the allegations, win the case at trial, or find the leverage necessary to minimize the penalties and collateral consequences in every client’s case.

The government's war on crime is alive and well. In an attempt to win that war, police sometimes play fast and loose with laws governing search and seizure, and in doing so, violate constitutional rights and laws intended to protect us all. All too often, critical evidence in drug and other serious felony cases is discovered as a result of illegal searches and seizures and then used as evidence to get improper convictions. Don't let the police run roughshod over your rights — and your freedom.

dBusiness has recognized Marc E Hart as one of Southeast Michigans Top Lawyers in criminal law

Former Prosecutor, Now Defense Lawyer

Attorney Marc Hart has been practicing criminal law for 30 years. He started his career as a prosecuting attorney, where he was assigned to an elite unit that investigated and prosecuted many of Detroit's and Wayne County's most high-profile and complex criminal cases.

Since opening his criminal defense firm in Royal Oak, Marc Hart has been recognized by dBusiness Magazine as one of Southeast Michigan's "Top Lawyers" in criminal defense. He knows the law, he knows the courts, and he knows how prosecutors and police officers investigate drug cases. Mr. Hart now litigates complex constitutional, search and seizure issues through motion practice and tries drug cases on behalf of clients on a regular basis. He has secured dismissals and not-guilty verdicts for clients charged in drug cases ranging from trafficking in multiple kilos down to simple possession cases.

He'll look past the surface of the charges to uncover any violations of your Fourth Amendment and other constitutional statutory rights that may include:

  • Illegal stop and frisk
  • Stopping or searching your car without justification
  • Arresting you without probable cause
  • Searching your home without a warrant or other legal grounds
  • Seizing evidence, cash or property without a warrant or other legal grounds
  • Illegal wiretaps
  • Illegal or false confessions

Whatever your situation, The Law Offices of Marc E. Hart will tirelessly dig to find the best defense available in your case.

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