An Online Chat Could Carry Serious Penalties

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Few people realize they can face felony sex crime charges for simply typing words in a chat room or online forum.

Internet solicitation charges are often the product of sting operations. An undercover cop poses as a teenager or prostitute online. Even if no meeting actually took place, you could still find yourself facing serious charges that could haunt you forever.

In the Royal Oak area and beyond, defense lawyer Marc Hart not only knows the law, but also understands how prosecutors, judges and law enforcement approach these cases. A former prosecutor, his criminal law experience spans over three decades. Attorney Hart is no stranger to high-profile cases. He is well-equipped to handle even the most serious Internet sex crime cases.

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The Consequences Could Haunt You For Life

Online solicitation of a minor (and online solicitation of a prostitute) are types of sex offenses. They carry the same negative stigma as rape, sexual assault and the like. A conviction could force you to register as a sex offender. This means you would carry the label of a sexual predator — impacting your housing, reputation and job opportunities — despite the fact you never actually committed sexual misconduct.

Fighting the charges requires a thorough understanding of the law. It requires asking probing questions like:

  • Did the police cross the line into entrapment, leading you to do something you wouldn't otherwise have done?
  • Are there gaps in the forensic computer data?
  • Are there doubts about the identity of the person who allegedly solicited a minor?
  • Did the police violate your constitutional rights by searching or seizing your computer?
  • Can the state prove you had the requisite intent?

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