Sex Crimes

My name is Marc E. Hart. My law firm is devoted exclusively to criminal defense, bringing 30 years of criminal defense experience to your situation. Rather than just going for the quick and easy plea, my mindset is to vigorously fight the allegations, win the case at trial, or find the leverage necessary to minimize the penalties and collateral consequences in every client’s case.

A sex offense is about as serious as it gets. The mere allegation can ruin a person's life, let alone the spectacle of an arrest and a trial, and then the punishment if convicted. However, the state must prove its case and it is possible to fight the charges or mitigate the damage.

If you are suspected of a sex crime, The Law Offices of Marc E. Hart in Royal Oak provides the experienced counsel and skilled defense you will need. Marc E. Hart draws on over 30 years of practice as a criminal defense attorney and former prosecuting attorney to protect your rights, your reputation and your future.

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Experienced Defense For Sex Offense Allegations

Attorney Hart has handled the full spectrum of sex offenses, including jury trials for major felony cases. His involvement can make a positive difference, no matter what the charges:

The punishment for criminal sexual conduct in the first degree is a life sentence, and for second- or third-degree CSC up to 15 years in prison. Under a new Michigan law, a person age 18 or over who has sex or sexual contact with a person under age 13 is subject to a mandatory sentence of 25 years.

Even lesser sex offenses can carry prison time and the stigma and hardships of registering as a sex offender. When contacted early in a case, Mr. Hart can sometimes avoid the most serious charges or avert a public arrest by intervening with the prosecutor. He also knows how to assert defenses and mitigating factors to prevent a conviction or the harshest consequences.

Marc Hart began his career as a prosecutor in Wayne County. As a member of the elite PROB unit, he prosecuted some of the most complex and notorious cases, such as the case of a serial rapist. The same skills that helped him build a strong argument for conviction enable him to analyze sex crime allegations and find the weaknesses in the prosecution's case to prevent a guilty verdict.

Before You Say One Word ...

The right to remain silent should be your mantra until you talk to a lawyer. Marc Hart is available 24/7 for immediate response to an arrest or investigation. If you need a sex crimes attorney in the Detroit metro area, call 248-545-5290 or email us to arrange a free consultation. The Law Offices of Marc E. Hart in Royal Oak serves Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Monroe counties.