Defense Against Carrying A Concealed Weapon

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Are you charged with unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon (CCW)? You could be facing prison, especially if you have prior convictions or additional criminal charges. Even if you have done nothing wrong, it is time to call a criminal defense lawyer like Marc E. Hart who is experienced with CCW cases and other weapon charges. Based in Royal Oak, he will aggressively protect your freedom, your gun rights and your future.

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CCW Charges: Carrying A Firearm Without A Permit

You must be 21 years old, a U.S. citizen and a Michigan resident — and complete a training course — to obtain a concealed pistol license (CPL). However, many people are not eligible to carry concealed (or to possess a gun at all) because of felony convictions, violent crime convictions or personal protection orders, mental health issues, immigrant status, dishonorable discharge or other factors. Still, many people feel the need to carry a gun when they leave the house, or to keep one under the driver's seat, especially in certain neighborhoods of Detroit.

The problem is carrying a firearm in Michigan without a permit is a felony crime. The trouble often starts when a person is stopped on the sidewalk, pulled over on the road or questioned in connection with a crime. Police discover a firearm, knife or other concealed weapon on the person or in the vehicle, without a valid concealed carry permit. This results in charges of illegally carrying a concealed weapon, which is punishable by fines up to $2,500 and up to five years in prison.

Guns Are Prohibited In Many Places
Even with a CPL permit, it is illegal in Michigan to carry a firearm into a bank, a church, a school, a day care center, a hospital, a courthouse, a movie theater, a sports arena or a business that sells or serves liquor. This is a misdemeanor crime punishable by a fine of $100 and up to 90 days in jail.

Experienced Defense For Weapons Charges

CCW charges are often based on illegal searches such as a traffic stop for no particular reason or a warrantless tip from someone who has a grudge. When there are multiple people in a car and police can't determine who owns the gun, they will simply charge all the occupants and see what sticks.

As a former prosecuting attorney, Marc Hart knows how to hold police and prosecutors accountable for sloppy procedure or violation of your rights. If he cannot get the charges dropped, he will negotiate for lesser (non-felony) charges or alternative punishment, or prepare to defend you.

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