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Police increase drunk driving patrols over holiday

This time of year in communities throughout the state of Michigan, people gather to celebrate the holidays. In some cases these parties serve alcohol and it is possible that someone could get behind the wheel to drive after consuming a little too much. These individuals could end up being arrested for drunk driving.

There is currently a greater chance of that happening than most other times of the year. This is because starting on Black Friday, under a program called “Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest.” Michigan State Police increased enforcement efforts in many of the state’s counties.

There are things that all individuals can do to try to decrease the risk of this occurring. For example, those throwing parities should take steps to make sure someone who is intoxicated does not get behind the wheel of a vehicle to drive. Having taxi cab or ride share service contacts readily available is also a good idea.

Partygoers should also take action to make sure they do not drive after having too much to drink. This includes designating a sober driver beforehand. In the alternative, someone should plan ahead to call a cab.

Even those who do not think they are drunk may have consumed just enough to put their blood alcohol content over the legal limit. Should they get in an accident or be pulled over, they might be surprised to find that they are breaking the law. It is likely that individuals who find themselves in this situation are unaware of the how the process works and what they need to do.

The best course of action for anyone who finds that they are in this situation is to contact a criminal defense lawyer who handles drunk driving defense. That individual may be able to help minimize the consequences of the arrest.

Source: A Healthier Michigan, “Preventing Holiday Drunk Driving in Michigan,” Ashley Krohn, Dec. 12, 2014

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