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Sex crime conviction often leads to sex offender registration

Most people who are facing a criminal charge of any type feel overwhelmed. There is good reason for this. Depending on the charge a conviction could result in serious repercussions for the accused. Serious crimes could result in hefty fines and possibly the loss of driver's or professional licenses. Others could lead to additional consequences as well. For example, those who are convicted of a sex crime will likely have to register as a sex offender.

In the state of Michigan, offenders are assigned one of three tiers based on the crime that they are found guilty of with Tier 1 considered the least serious and Tier 3 the most serious. How long someone will have to remain on the sex offender list depends on which tier the crime for which they are convicted is assigned.

As a result of registering as a sex offender the person facing this penalty will have to make their home and work addresses available to the public. Once on the list a person can expect to face not only scrutiny from the neighbors around them, but also may be unable to work certain jobs. In addition, they cannot go within 1,000 feet of playgrounds or schools.

Sex offender registration poses challenges that many may not be aware of. Because of this it is important that those who are considering pleading guilty to a sex crime make themselves familiar with just how their lives will be impacted. Since the average person is likely not aware of this they would benefit from contacting a criminal defense lawyer for assistance.

Source: TC Times, "The consequences of being a sex offender," Sept. 17, 2013

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