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White collar crime conviction could lead to serious consequences

There is likely a consensus among readers that to face serious consequences upon a criminal conviction, the crime a person is found guilty of must be violent and nature. While it is true that violent crimes could lead to harsh penalties upon conviction, this is not the only situation in which this could occur.

Those who are found guilty of white collar crimes such as fraud could find that they are placed behind bars for multiple years. In addition, they might have to pay back the amounts they are accused of taking. For this reason it is important for those accused of white collar crimes to take steps to defend themselves.

One individual who will likely do this is a Michigan doctor who is accused of committing crimes that fall under this umbrella.

The man is accused of performing other procedures upon patients’ backs rather than the spinal surgeries expected but nonetheless charging Medicare for the procedures he was supposed to perform. The criminal complaint alleges that he was paid more than $1.8 million. It also claims that he billed close to $33 million. After receiving the money the man is accused of placing up to $600,000 in the bank accounts of his minor children.

The accused, who is originally from Afghanistan, is currently in custody and has been for several weeks, for fear that he will flee the United States. A U.S. District Judge is considering whether the doctor should be release while awaiting trial.

Should the case go to trial and the man be convicted, he could face a significant penalty. For example, he could spend more than 10 years in a federal prison. To try to avoid this fate it is highly likely that he is working with a criminal defense lawyer to create a defense.

Source: The Detroit News, "FBI: Indicted doc stashed cash in kids’ bank accounts," Robert Snell, Jan. 1, 2015

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