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May 2015 Archives

Special test reportedly helps prevent drunk driving in Michigan

New technology allows a Breathalyzer test mechanism to be connected to the ignition system of an automobile. Michigan drivers who have repeatedly been convicted of drunk driving have participated in the new program by having the Breathalyzer system installed in their vehicles, then breathing into the device before driving and at intermittent points while traveling. The data registered upon test performance is saved to a computer chip which is then uploaded for review by court officials.

Drug charges dismissed against man who was beaten by officer

Being charged with a drug crime can be very serious. Depending on the specific charge, the consequences upon conviction may include a person being sentenced to time in prison. Fortunately, a charge alone does not automatically result in this outcome. In the course of a trial the accused could be acquitted. In other situations charges could be reduced or dismissed altogether. A Michigan man recently experienced the latter situation.

If arrested for OWI this Cinco de Mayo call an attorney for help

Certain times of the year individuals, who might otherwise not spend a lot of time partying, go out to celebrate. For some, one of those times could be coming up. Cinco de Mayo (translated as the 5th of May) is next Tuesday. While some people will celebrate the day on the 5th others will head out this weekend for related festivities. The consumption of alcohol is often a part of those celebrations.

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