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Drug charges dismissed against man who was beaten by officer

Being charged with a drug crime can be very serious. Depending on the specific charge, the consequences upon conviction may include a person being sentenced to time in prison. Fortunately, a charge alone does not automatically result in this outcome. In the course of a trial the accused could be acquitted. In other situations charges could be reduced or dismissed altogether. A Michigan man recently experienced the latter situation.

The 57-year-old man was pulled over allegedly for not completely stopping at a stop sign and in the course of the traffic stop was tackled, choked and endured a beating at the hands a police officer. The incident, which was captured on the police car’s dash cam video, involved the officer punching the man in the head 16 times. The motorist was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine.

When the motorist was eventually taken to the hospital for treatment, it was provided for a fractured eye socket, blood on his brain and four broken ribs.

Following his arrest the motorist claimed that the cocaine was not his and that it was planted by the police. The man will not have to prove that at trial since the drug charge was dismissed by the county prosecutor after viewing the footage.

While of course this is not the way that most cases are resolved, it does highlight the fact that a criminal charge is not the end of the process. There are multiple things that could occur and options to pursue that could result in a better outcome for the accused. The officer, who now faces for charges for his role in the beating, no doubt is working with a criminal defense lawyer to try to achieve the best possible result in his case.

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