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If arrested for OWI this Cinco de Mayo call an attorney for help

Certain times of the year individuals, who might otherwise not spend a lot of time partying, go out to celebrate. For some, one of those times could be coming up. Cinco de Mayo (translated as the 5th of May) is next Tuesday. While some people will celebrate the day on the 5th others will head out this weekend for related festivities. The consumption of alcohol is often a part of those celebrations.

It is possible that some of those who head out over the course of the next few days to celebrate Cinco de Mayo could end up behind the wheel driving after consuming too much alcohol. They could also find that they are pulled over and placed under arrest for operating while intoxicated.

Often individuals who find themselves in this situation have little or no experience with the criminal justice system. This can leave them afraid of the process and unsure of how to proceed. This fear and uncertainty should not prevent you from taking action however. In addition to the penalties that could be assessed if someone is convicted of OWI, there could be collateral consequences as well. Accordingly it is vital to work with a lawyer who has handled cases of this nature in the past.

Marc Hart represents individuals accused of drunk driving. Because he understands the potential severity of a conviction, he focuses on securing the best possible outcome from the outset, not simply looking for a plea. He applies an aggression to the case regardless of the approach—whether the focus is on minimizing the penalties or winning the case at trial.

To learn how he may be of assistance to you—whether it be a Cinco de Mayo arrest or another time—please see his website.

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