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Michigan white collar crimes sometimes involve identity fraud

In Michigan and across the nation, some people find themselves targets of federal investigations in connection with alleged criminal activity on the Internet or in person. Some of these so called white collar crimes include accusations of fraud and/or identity theft. Of course, anyone accused of legal wrongdoing -- regardless of the nature of the accusation -- is presumed innocent under the law unless proved otherwise in court.

In a recent case, a 52-year-old man was accused of mail fraud and identity theft. Authorities claim that more than $190,000 was stolen from various persons who were victimized in the scheme. Reports indicate that the accused man recently entered a guilty plea and now awaits sentencing in Dec. 2015.

According to federal sentencing guidelines, the man faces up to 20 years in prison. He is said to have conducted a business that contacted people who had been previous victims of fraud. His business would extract a fee from those people, promising to recover the monies they'd lost in their initial transactions. 

Depending upon the circumstances of an individual case, the penalties for white collar crimes can be quite severe should a conviction actually be secured. In Michigan and throughout the United States, a person accused of crime is entitled to retain legal representation before proceeding to court. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide valuable assistance in determining all available options in defending against the accusations. Additionally, a lawyer acting on one's behalf typically focuses on safeguarding the legal rights of an accused individual at every stage of the criminal proceedings while also pursuing a defense strategy designed to achieve the best possible result.

Source:, "Ohio Man Pleads Guilty In Nebraska Fraud, Identity Theft Case", Sept. 12, 2015

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