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Drug charges lead to conviction for Michigan man

Some people who are accused at the federal level of illicit drug-related activities proceed to trial. Some of those trials result in a conviction on one or more drug charges. This can lead to an extended period of incarceration, substantial monetary fines and other penalties. Under the circumstances, one focus of criminal defense counsel after a guilty verdict is to seek a mitigated sentence on behalf of the client during the sentencing phase of the proceedings.

Recently, a federal jury convicted a Michigan man said to be a top-ranking leader of the Black P Stone Nation gang. The 45-year-old man is reportedly one of approximately 30,000 members of the gang whose existence is apparently spread across the nation. The jury returned a guilty verdict in connection with heroin trafficking allegations and charges of conspiracy. 

The man is slated to appear at a sentencing hearing in March 2016. Three others were also reportedly involved in the drug trafficking scheme, each having elected to plead guilty previously. They now face the prospect of lengthy prison terms, as well.

An experienced criminal defense attorney would be able to advise any Michigan resident who has questions or concerns about the legal process in connection with pending charges.  The lawyer can offer advice and guidance concerning all options available and how best to proceed in light of the legal and factual issues involved. Because various issues surrounding drug charges can have a substantial effect on a trial's outcome, it is advisable to seek consultation with an attorney familiar with applicable state and/or federal laws and local court procedures.

Source:, "Lansing gang leader convicted on drug charges", Matt Mencarini, Nov. 23, 2015

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