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Sex crimes among charges faced by man in Michigan

Various types of criminal offenses carry penalties that can be quite severe if a conviction is handed down. Any person accused of a serious crime in Michigan is advised to retain legal representation before facing those charges in court. Some offenses, such as certain sex crimes, are punishable by up to 50 or more years in prison.

Just because someone is accused of a crime does not mean that a judge or jury will return a guilty verdict. Sometimes, evidence must be dismissed due to improper handling on the part of law enforcement agents. Other times, an experienced criminal lawyer is able to ascertain that an improper processing of an arrest or interrogation has taken place. In still other occasions, the accused individual simply did not commit the crime.

In some situations, such as a recent one involving a young man accused of plotting a school shooting and also accused of alleged sex crimes, a person is charged with several crimes, each potentially incurring a prison term, restriction of personal liberties or substantial monetary fines. In the recent incident, an 18-year-old already on probation has been further accused of sexual misconduct for possessing and distributing materials considered abusive to children. These charges have been added to those involving a threat of terrorism for a supposed plot to murder a student and shoot people at a local high school in which the defendant is said to have participated with two fellow students.

The boys named as co-defendants in the alleged school shooting plot are reportedly being tried as adults even though they are both age 16. Sex crimes and crimes involving weapons in Michigan are typically aggressively prosecuted. Acting alongside an experienced criminal lawyer would most likely be a means to building a strong defense so that the person facing charges can hopefully obtain as positive an outcome as possible in court.

Source:, "Sex charges added against high school shooting suspect", Wayne Peal, Dec. 22, 2015

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