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State representative arrested for drunk driving in Michigan

Motorists in Michigan sometimes get behind the wheels of their vehicles after they have imbibed alcoholic beverages. State laws require that blood alcohol levels remain under .08 percent in order for one to operate a motor vehicle. Those accused of drunk driving may incur severe penalties if convicted in court. However, each person is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise by a judge or jury.

In a recent night time incident, a state representative was pulled over by a highway patrol officer. He apparently admitted that he had consumed alcohol before driving. Authorities claim that he understated the amount.

The officer's patrol car apparently carried a dash cam video and it has been suggested that in a film taken while the officer was traveling behind the man, his vehicle could be seen swerving on the road and coming close to hitting another car. The officer eventually placed the lawmaker under arrest. The man is said to have told authorities that he has a drinking problem. An update on the situation stated that he is now undergoing treatment for alcoholism.

Drunk driving is a serious matter because it sometimes leads to accidents where those who are involved suffer personal injuries. Other times, as in the above-mentioned incident, drivers are accused and arrested without having been in accidents. Either situation can result in a restriction of driving privileges, as well as jail time and/or substantial monetary fines. Therefore, it is typically prudent to seek legal representation when facing such charges in a Michigan court.

Source:, "Watch arrest of Michigan lawmaker charged with 'super drunk'driving", Jonathan Oosting, Dec. 2, 2015

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