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Federal law tough on white collar crimes in Michigan

Avoiding incarceration is often a top goal of someone facing charges in a court in Michigan, whether at the state or federal level. Depending on the circumstances, it is sometimes possible, especially when an experienced criminal defense attorney is able to fight against prosecution tactics on behalf of a defendant. In situations involving allegations of white collar crimes, a strong defense is often necessary because the government tends to prosecute such cases in a very aggressive manner.

There are many cases where the basis of a particular charge is able to be challenged. If law enforcement agents failed to follow protocol when conducting a search and seizure, or the evidence suggests that a crime never took place, a challenge an application can be made to dismiss the charges in court. The Law Offices of Marc E. Hart has achieved successful results for many white collar crime defendants in similar situations.

With 25 years of criminal defense experience in Michigan and prior experience as a prosecuting attorney, the lead attorney at The Law Offices of Marc E. Hart understands what needs to be done to protect your rights and help you build a strong defense. If you are facing charges of health care fraud, credit card crimes, identity theft or embezzlement, working with a former prosecutor who understands all that is at stake may help you obtain a favorable result in court.

If you are charged with white collar crimes, you may call The Law Offices of Marc E. Hart to arrange a free consultation. It is often possible to downgrade charges and avoid the potential impediments caused by having a felony record. Having an attorney on your side who has successfully gone to battle for many others may be key to keeping you out of prison and preserving your reputation.

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