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Drug Charges Archives

Stakes are often high when facing drug charges in Michigan

Some say the Upper Peninsula in Michigan is a popular location for illicit drug activity. Apparently, drugs that sell for one price in the lower areas of the state bring a higher profit in the upper areas. Several people were allegedly in the area recently when police arrested them and filed drug charges against them.

2 people facing drug charges in Michigan after recent arrests

The law protects those accused of crimes by allowing them to retain legal assistance to act on their behalves during all interactions with law enforcement agents and court officials. There are many things a criminal defense attorney can do to help a defendant obtain a positive outcome in court. Whether someone is facing drug charges in Michigan, or is accused of theft or drunk driving, a request for legal representation can be made as soon as an arrest has taken place.

Search warrants led to drug charges in Michigan

Building a strong criminal defense is often key to obtaining a positive outcome in court when facing drug-related charges. Many times, the drug charges filed are not appropriate to the situation. Without a legal background in Michigan, a defendant may not have a way of knowing this; therefore, it is always advisable to act alongside the guidance of an experienced criminal lawyer.

Michigan court rules on how long marijuana should dry to be 'usable'

In 2008 Michigan voters approved the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, which allows qualifying patients to possess up to 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana. Under the law, registered patients and caregivers may also cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants in an enclosed, locked facility or outdoors in a place that isn't visible to an adjacent property owner.

Drug charges lead to conviction for Michigan man

Some people who are accused at the federal level of illicit drug-related activities proceed to trial. Some of those trials result in a conviction on one or more drug charges. This can lead to an extended period of incarceration, substantial monetary fines and other penalties. Under the circumstances, one focus of criminal defense counsel after a guilty verdict is to seek a mitigated sentence on behalf of the client during the sentencing phase of the proceedings.

Facing drug charges in Michigan?

Certainly, being accused of unlawful activity related to drugs in Michigan or elsewhere places one's future at risk. When facing drug charges, a person has the right to retain legal representation in court. However, even before court proceedings begin, it is advisable to discuss the details leading to your arrest with an experienced attorney who can make certain your rights are protected.

Fishing trip leads to drug charges in Michigan

An incident occurred in Michigan at approximately 3:30 p.m. on a recent Friday. A man who was reportedly fishing at the time is now facing drug charges as a result of a search police conducted of his vehicle. The 52-year-old man is currently being held in a county jail.

Drug charges filed against boy's father for drug-laced candy

A recent Michigan case involves a 24-year-old man whose son and another child reportedly suffered adverse effects after eating candy they picked up off a counter in the man's home. Drug charges have been issued in the aftermath of the incident. The children ate a type of gummy candy that is suspected to have been laced with drugs.

Drug charges dismissed against man who was beaten by officer

Being charged with a drug crime can be very serious. Depending on the specific charge, the consequences upon conviction may include a person being sentenced to time in prison. Fortunately, a charge alone does not automatically result in this outcome. In the course of a trial the accused could be acquitted. In other situations charges could be reduced or dismissed altogether. A Michigan man recently experienced the latter situation.

Men cite Michigan Medical Marijuana Act as defense to charges

In the state of Michigan everyone is held accountable to the state’s criminal laws. This is true even if one works with those who have been convicted in the field of corrections. Two residents of the state know this all too well. The men were arrested 10 months ago and charged with marijuana crimes.

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