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Drunk Driving Archives

Man involved in Michigan police chase charged with drunk driving

There are many incidents in Michigan where the details leading up to motor vehicle accidents remain unclear. Often, law enforcement agents launch formal investigations, and they may even bring in re-enactment crews whose jobs are to recreate an accident as accurately as possible in order to help authorities determine a cause. In the meantime, even before any conclusive decisions are reached, one or more persons may be charged with traffic offenses or criminal infractions, especially if drunk driving is suspected.

Seeking available options re drunk driving charges in Michigan

Sometimes, charges brought against a person in a Michigan court are proved to be unfounded. Such information is often made evident through the diligent and aggressive investigative skills of an experienced criminal lawyer. If a person is charged with drunk driving or other criminal offenses in the state, it is advisable to build a strong defense with the help of a personal legal advocate.

No injuries in alleged drunk driving incident in Michigan

For reasons often unknown, many people choose to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after imbibing alcoholic beverages. While Michigan and every other state has a legal limit of blood alcohol content allowed for a person to operate a motor vehicle after having consumed alcohol, those who drive in excess of that limit may be charged with a crime. Additional crimes may be charged when an accident has occurred. Merely being accused of drunk driving, however, is not proof of anything and does not mean that a person will be convicted.

State representative arrested for drunk driving in Michigan

Motorists in Michigan sometimes get behind the wheels of their vehicles after they have imbibed alcoholic beverages. State laws require that blood alcohol levels remain under .08 percent in order for one to operate a motor vehicle. Those accused of drunk driving may incur severe penalties if convicted in court. However, each person is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise by a judge or jury.

Alleged drunk driving incident leads to murder charge in Michigan

A serious accident recently occurred in Michigan that involved two vehicles, one driven by a high school football player, the other by a 40-year-old man. Several charges have been filed against one of the motorists in the suspected drunk driving case. The collision resulted in a fatality.

Facing drunk driving charges in Michigan?

In Michigan, OWI (operating while intoxicated)  is the most often used term for criminal charges filed against a motorist that are alcohol related. State law provides penalties under conviction of drunk driving for a first offense that might include up to 93 days in prison, as well as $100 to $500 in fines and a possible license suspension of six months. Anyone who refuses to submit to chemical tests incurs an automatic license suspension for one year if it is a first offense.

Michigan motorcyclists hit in drunk driving accident

In Michigan and throughout the nation, a person is required to carry a valid driver's license when operating a motor vehicle. In a recent case, a man believed to have caused an accident was reportedly driving without one. The same man has also been accused of drunk driving in the accident that caused injuries to two other people.

Michigan drunk driving convictions can lead to serious penalties

Even for Michigan residents who have no criminal history, being accused of driving while intoxicated can have immediate and long-lasting negative effects. If a person is arrested and charged with drunk driving, he or she will most likely want to seek legal consultation immediately following an arrest. Being convicted of drunk driving can be far more serious that some might think.

Michigan football staffer to serve probation for drunk driving

An eight month probation will be served by Jim Minick, who works as Michigan University football operations director. He was arrested and charged with drunk driving. After he admitted to driving while intoxicated, the court suspended Minick's sentence.

Special test reportedly helps prevent drunk driving in Michigan

New technology allows a Breathalyzer test mechanism to be connected to the ignition system of an automobile. Michigan drivers who have repeatedly been convicted of drunk driving have participated in the new program by having the Breathalyzer system installed in their vehicles, then breathing into the device before driving and at intermittent points while traveling. The data registered upon test performance is saved to a computer chip which is then uploaded for review by court officials.

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