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Federal law tough on white collar crimes in Michigan

Avoiding incarceration is often a top goal of someone facing charges in a court in Michigan, whether at the state or federal level. Depending on the circumstances, it is sometimes possible, especially when an experienced criminal defense attorney is able to fight against prosecution tactics on behalf of a defendant. In situations involving allegations of white collar crimes, a strong defense is often necessary because the government tends to prosecute such cases in a very aggressive manner.

There are many cases where the basis of a particular charge is able to be challenged. If law enforcement agents failed to follow protocol when conducting a search and seizure, or the evidence suggests that a crime never took place, a challenge an application can be made to dismiss the charges in court. The Law Offices of Marc E. Hart has achieved successful results for many white collar crime defendants in similar situations.

Man involved in Michigan police chase charged with drunk driving

There are many incidents in Michigan where the details leading up to motor vehicle accidents remain unclear. Often, law enforcement agents launch formal investigations, and they may even bring in re-enactment crews whose jobs are to recreate an accident as accurately as possible in order to help authorities determine a cause. In the meantime, even before any conclusive decisions are reached, one or more persons may be charged with traffic offenses or criminal infractions, especially if drunk driving is suspected.

An accident took place after a police chase on a recent Saturday morning. Apparently, a police officer claims to have been traveling southbound when he noticed another vehicle driving in a reckless manner. He reportedly informed his dispatcher of the unfolding incident and attempted to pull the vehicle over for a traffic stop.

Criminal defense as it pertains to iPhones in Michigan

Modern technological advances have greatly changed the method of communication throughout the world. Michigan residents might be among others who have found themselves facing rather complicated situations regarding criminal defense and their iPhones. Apparently, questions have recently been raised as to whether a person's constitutional rights are being violated if a court orders that person to unlock his or her phone through finger-touch identification.

The FBI reportedly requested a search warrant in a recent case in which a woman had entered a no-contest plea to identity theft that apparently had taken place that very day. Authorities wanted the woman to press her finger on an iPhone they believed belonged to her. They had seized the device from the house of the woman's boyfriend, who they suspected was involved in an Armenian gang.

Stakes are often high when facing drug charges in Michigan

Some say the Upper Peninsula in Michigan is a popular location for illicit drug activity. Apparently, drugs that sell for one price in the lower areas of the state bring a higher profit in the upper areas. Several people were allegedly in the area recently when police arrested them and filed drug charges against them.

It appears officers had a search warrant to enter a home in Atlantic Mine. One agent said that the house search was merely part of a larger drug investigation. Allegedly, upon searching the home, police found approximately $8,000 worth of drugs. An additional $1900 in cash, believed by officers to be drug money, was also reportedly found.

Seeking available options re drunk driving charges in Michigan

Sometimes, charges brought against a person in a Michigan court are proved to be unfounded. Such information is often made evident through the diligent and aggressive investigative skills of an experienced criminal lawyer. If a person is charged with drunk driving or other criminal offenses in the state, it is advisable to build a strong defense with the help of a personal legal advocate.

An attorney who has decades of experience on both the prosecution and defense sides of the law would typically have a clear understanding of the various strategies used by both sides during litigation of drunk driving charges. This may help an attorney minimize the negative impact a situation has upon a defendant. The Law Offices of Marc E. Hart offers legal assistance based on 30 years of experience presenting strong and aggressive defenses against a variety of criminal charges.

2 people facing drug charges in Michigan after recent arrests

The law protects those accused of crimes by allowing them to retain legal assistance to act on their behalves during all interactions with law enforcement agents and court officials. There are many things a criminal defense attorney can do to help a defendant obtain a positive outcome in court. Whether someone is facing drug charges in Michigan, or is accused of theft or drunk driving, a request for legal representation can be made as soon as an arrest has taken place.

In a recent incident, two arrests were made within a short time of one another. A 24-year-old man and 25-year-old woman have been charged with multiple drug and weapons offenses, among other alleged infractions. A special crimes unit stated that it had been keeping a particular home under surveillance during a recent investigation.

Search warrants led to drug charges in Michigan

Building a strong criminal defense is often key to obtaining a positive outcome in court when facing drug-related charges. Many times, the drug charges filed are not appropriate to the situation. Without a legal background in Michigan, a defendant may not have a way of knowing this; therefore, it is always advisable to act alongside the guidance of an experienced criminal lawyer.

When the situation warrants it, a defense attorney can challenge the state's alleged evidence against a defendant. Typically, a lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation of the events that led to and followed an arrest to determine whether law enforcement agents adhered to laws and regulations regarding search and seizure and other legal processes. If an attorney believes that a client's personal rights have been violated, a request can be filed in court to deem any supposed evidence connected to the situation inadmissible.

Building a strong criminal defense when accused of murder

Being arraigned on murder charges is obviously a very serious issue. Anyone facing such charges in Michigan or another state is likely to increase the chances of a positive outcome in court by retaining the assistance of an experienced attorney to build a strong criminal defense. Recently, an Uber driver was scheduled for arraignment after being accused with respect to several recent shootings.

The 45-year-old man is suspected in connection with multiple shootings that resulted in several fatalities and injuries. It has not yet been determined whether the man accused of the shootings was working a shift for Uber at the time the alleged acts took place. He was apparently taken into custody without incident on a recent Sunday.

Strong criminal defense may be key to positive outcome in court

Being accused of criminal wrongdoing can place a person's reputation at stake. There have been many occasions when a person accused is adamant that he or she is innocent of all charges. Other times, someone may admit to part or all of the allegations made by law enforcement agents. Either way, it is advisable to retain experienced legal representation to build a strong criminal defense before proceeding to court.

At the Law Offices of Marc E. Hart, we provide skilled representation on behalf of clients in Southeast Michigan and surrounding regions. Many times, a bold and aggressive approach is crucial in obtaining a positive outcome in court. We are prepared to act as your legal advocate as you face charges regarding weapons offenses, DWI, sex crimes or other alleged illegal activity.

No injuries in alleged drunk driving incident in Michigan

For reasons often unknown, many people choose to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after imbibing alcoholic beverages. While Michigan and every other state has a legal limit of blood alcohol content allowed for a person to operate a motor vehicle after having consumed alcohol, those who drive in excess of that limit may be charged with a crime. Additional crimes may be charged when an accident has occurred. Merely being accused of drunk driving, however, is not proof of anything and does not mean that a person will be convicted.

Law enforcement agents conducting field sobriety tests after stopping someone's vehicle must follow a strict set of rules and procedures in the process. There have been many occasions where an attorney representing a person accused of driving drunk has determined that a defendant's rights were violated during preliminary investigations or in the immediate aftermath of an arrest. In such circumstances, it is sometimes possible to have alleged evidence ruled inadmissible by the court.

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