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White Collar Crimes Archives

Federal law tough on white collar crimes in Michigan

Avoiding incarceration is often a top goal of someone facing charges in a court in Michigan, whether at the state or federal level. Depending on the circumstances, it is sometimes possible, especially when an experienced criminal defense attorney is able to fight against prosecution tactics on behalf of a defendant. In situations involving allegations of white collar crimes, a strong defense is often necessary because the government tends to prosecute such cases in a very aggressive manner.

Nurse practitioner accused of white collar crimes

The Attorney General in a state outside Michigan recently announced charges against a 55-year-old nurse practitioner in that state. She is accused of white collar crimes involving Medicaid fraud. If convicted, the woman may face up to 15 years in prison and incur substantial monetary fines of up to $150,000.

What to do when accused of white collar crimes in Michigan

Some Michigan residents sometimes find themselves accused of illicit activities that result in criminal charges against them. Allegations of white collar crimes appear to be on the increase, perhaps due to the advances of technology in the modern world. Acts of Internet fraud, identity theft and other similar offenses tend to be prosecuted very aggressively. A person facing such charges may need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney to pursue a positive outcome in court.

Michigan white collar crimes sometimes involve identity fraud

In Michigan and across the nation, some people find themselves targets of federal investigations in connection with alleged criminal activity on the Internet or in person. Some of these so called white collar crimes include accusations of fraud and/or identity theft. Of course, anyone accused of legal wrongdoing -- regardless of the nature of the accusation -- is presumed innocent under the law unless proved otherwise in court.

Embezzlement among white collar crimes in Michigan

Some people in Michigan might find themselves in a situation where they are accused of stealing property that has been entrusted to their care. White collar crimes often include this type of embezzlement and anyone arrested and charged for similar offenses would most likely benefit from legal counsel in the matter. Depending upon the value of the entrusted property that was reportedly stolen and/or used for personal gain, as well as the vulnerability of the alleged victim, the penalties for a conviction could be quite severe.

Michigan man jail re charges for white collar crimes

A  1989 movie was given an award at a 1990 film festival. The film featured the story of a man who was said to be an expert impostor. A recent article stated that a Michigan man has been arrested and accused of white collar crimes involving similar identity theft. The article said that the man arrested is the actual person upon whom the earlier film was based.

11 charged with identity theft and credit card fraud

In a previous post we wrote about some activities that could constitute criminal fraud. One of the activities we discussed in that post is fraud. In this post we have a specific example of individuals in Michigan who are currently facing that accusation.

What constitutes a white collar crime?

One need not be accused of a violent crime to face serious consequences upon a conviction. Those who are found guilty of participating in a white collar crime could face prison time and steep fines. When one is charged with a federal crime rather than a state crime, the penalties are usually even more serious. But just what constitutes a white collar crime? As it turns out many activities fall under this category.

White collar crime conviction could lead to serious consequences

There is likely a consensus among readers that to face serious consequences upon a criminal conviction, the crime a person is found guilty of must be violent and nature. While it is true that violent crimes could lead to harsh penalties upon conviction, this is not the only situation in which this could occur.

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